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Best candidate for mayor who is likely to run

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It’s a real problem for all of us that so much attention is being paid to attempts to force Rahm Emanuel off the ballot over the residency issue. Most thinking Chicagoans would agree that he is one of us, for better or for worse. It’s especially unfortunate given the relatively short amount of time we have to get to know the candidates, even the so-called leading candidates, before we have to vote. The mainstream media has the opportunity to really play a role in this election, more so than in any in recent memory, as we sort out the candidates and learn about their approaches to the issues the city faces. So far, the media’s failing, with Rahm anointed as the residency-challenged front-runner and all others fighting for oxygen. We do like Rahm so far, for his role in the Democratic leadership and his reputation for getting things done. We’re cheered by his legacy as a ballet dancer and what that might mean for the arts. But Gery Chico especially intrigues us too, with his experience and his out-front and detailed ideas about fixing education. We want to know more about Miguel del Valle, Danny Davis and yes, Carol Moseley Braun, in regards to their vision and specific ideas for the city. We do know one thing, however. We’ll pass on James Meeks for his outspoken leadership against civil unions. Putting a homophobe in City Hall would be a major step backward.

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Rahm Emanuel

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