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Best place to buy new magazines

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Chicago-Main Newsstand

If you’re just looking to snag your Wall Street Journal, do not pass go at the Chicago-Main Newsstand, the Evanston shop that is the Boardwalk of print publications. Sure you can find WSJ and your local dailies, but you can also find Rifle Firepower magazine, Royalty Monthly and Jane Austen Knits among the hot-off-the-press racks bursting with more than 5,000 international titles. A quick jaunt on the Purple Line over to Dempster and you’re at the magazine museum; just make sure to pack a lunch—we guarantee you’ll be there awhile.

Chicago-Main Newsstand
860 Chicago, Evanston

Audience choice:
1854 West North

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  1. patmart Says:

    There is an el stop at Main and Chicago — this is just a couple of steps from the Newsstand–no need to walk all of the way from Dempster. Explore the neighborhood. There are lots of fun shops here, on Main, Custer, Washington and other side streets.

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