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Best new gallery of the future

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Peanut Gallery

Don’t be fooled by the funky name. Peanut is not a comedy club but an artist’s collective; think of them as a punk band formed by artist and writer Kelly Reaves and artists Charlie Megna and Brandon Howe. The type of art they promote is gutsy, crafty and hardcore—didactic conceptualism has no place here. One of our favorites in their roster is Jack Edinger, who makes dramatic photographs of amateur wrestlers in their natural habitats.

Peanut Gallery
1000 North California

Best of Chicago 2011

2 Responses to “Best new gallery of the future”

  1. THANKS GUYS | Peanut Gallery Says:

    […] Peanut was voted Best New Gallery Of the Future by New City.  […]

  2. insaltedpeanut Says:

    Great pick, the Peanut Gallery is awesome. They are super nice there, very talented and have drawing nights every Tuesday. One thing though, you guys missed one of their members, Kate Arford. Well, great post and people should check the gallery out; its pretty awesome.

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