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The Salty Droid
Aside from porn, confidence scams may be the biggest thing on the internet. They range from “how to pick up chicks” e-books (often written by computer programmers) to new-age fads to life-ruining “business opportunity” pyramid schemes, and the new generation of scammers is much more organized and sophisticated than the goofy Nigerian “419” email of yore. Chicago attorney Jason L. Jones, in the guise of his “fake robot” persona, has spent the last several years on an obsessive crusade against the big names in “Scamworld,” receiving broader attention (and more threats from the con men themselves) all the time. The Droid’s writing style is gleefully abusive and sometimes impenetrably arcane, but if you’re worried that everyone you encounter online might not be entirely on the up-and-up, he’s got your back. He’s also very, very funny.

The Salty Droid,

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