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Best store for vintage costume jewelry sorted by color

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The Antique & Resale Shoppe

While shopping to a backdrop of Louis Armstrong, you’ll find that the store’s antique and vintage costume jewelry collection is reasonably priced, and it’s sorted by color, so match it to your outfit or your mood. Swoon over rhinestone rings and tiaras. Spring for a sapphire-colored necklace or amber-hued earrings. The velour-hatted owners will wrap your treasure in a black bag or silver gift box adorned with the shop’s trademark big red lips.

7214 North Harlem

Best of Chicago 2010

Best of the Best: Superdawg

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The last of a breed. Drive in and press the “talk” button on a toaster-sized, Philco-style, Harry S. Truman-era speaker. Then roll your window down halfway so the waitress-not on roller skates, that’s too cute for Chicago-can clamp on your tray. Besides the setting, the cheeseburgers with plenty of grilled onions and a side of superonion chips are de-lish. Don’t forget to wave at the giant hot dogs on the roof.

6363 North Milwaukee (773)763-0660

Best of Chicago 2002