Best pinball game in Logan Square

Twilight Zone at Logan Arcade

The Twilight Zone pinball game, released by Midway/Bally in 1993, is an absolute highlight to Logan Arcade, an amazing space that’s chock full of tons of pinball and arcade games both new and old. With a challenging skill shot, ramps, and missions such as collecting Hitchhikers and battling “The Power,” this game never gets tiresome (actually, it’s addictive). As an added bonus, Rod Serling narrates amidst a great soundtrack of sounds with a genuinely tough, but engaging, multi-ball.

2410 W. Fullerton, 872.206.2859,

Best of Chicago 2014

Best panna cotta

Osteria Langhe

Panna cotta has long been a staple dessert on Italian menus around town, but is too often a half-hearted, gelatinous attempt by a kitchen without a pastry chef. Not so at Osteria Langhe. This new Piedmont-inspired Logan Square restaurant is the most authentic interpretation in the city for its smooth silky texture, closer to Chinese silken tofu than pudding, and sumptuous vanilla flavor. The accompaniments change each day, but on a recent visit, passion fruit coulis, fresh golden raspberries and Ossi di Morti chocolate hazelnut cookies elevated a humble Italian classic to new heights.

2824 W. Armitage, 773.661.1582,

Best of Chicago 2014

Best date move

Requesting “The Good Book” at Billy Sunday
If you ask for the “good book” at Logan Square’s Billy Sunday, you might get an eyebrow raise from your date: that’s their off-the-menu leather-bound back-bar selection (not the Bible), that includes rare varieties of fine spirits like scotch from defunct distilleries all over the world. One particular offering is a 1943 Glenlivet from Gordon and MacPhail that goes for $600 a pour, one of the last bottles around today (it was illegal to distill during World War II). They’ve also got a fondness for fernet, stocking hundreds of different kinds hailing from almost every comune in Italy and representing every decade since 1930.
3143 West Logan, (773)661-2485,

Best of Chicago 2013

Best new boutique opened in the last year or so

Tusk, owned and operated by Mary Eleanor Wallace, is the newest addition to what seems to be a developing Armitage Corridor in Logan Square (triangulated with Parsons and Scofflaw). The shop is stocked with elegantly curated often pale-colored and flowy items: chunky sweaters and silk-patterned tops, limited-edition tote bags, publications and jewelry by local artists. Don’t miss the paintings by formerly Chicago-based abstract painter Michael Hunter on the walls. It’s only open some evenings and on weekends for now, but we all know Penelope’s is already jealous.
3205 West Armitage, (423)903-7093,

AUDIENCE CHOICE: Revival a GO-GO, 1653 West 18th, (312)203-9171,

Best of Chicago 2013

Best flower shop

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote “The Earth Laughs in Flowers” adorns the exterior of Fleur in Logan Square. Inside you will giggle like a schoolchild for the sheer cuteness of everything, including the catchy indie pop and occasional small puppy. Always perfectly adorned for any season or occasion, the store conjures an old European nook with its fresh stems in metal tins. Cards, gifts and other precious trinkets lay all around to further tempt. Next time you find yourself waiting for a seat at Lula Cafe, wander around the corner and get lost in Fleur’s splendor.
3149 West Logan, (773)395-2770,

AUDIENCE CHOICE: A New Leaf, 1645 North Wells, (312)642-1576; 1818 North Wells, (312)642-8553; 312 South Dearborn, (312)427-9097,

Best of Chicago 2013