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Best Vegan Korean restaurant

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There isn’t much competition for Amitabul, the only all-vegan Korean restaurant in Chicago, which has endured for more than fifteen years, eventually relocating to Norwood Park on North Milwaukee Avenue after initially opening up in Lakeview. By drawing from traditional dishes, mixing noodles, nuts, fresh vegetables and spices, Amitabul does not use the wheat-meat substitutes usually found in vegan dishes. And if you’re under the weather, order up Dr. K’s Cure All soup to knock out any cold.

Amitabul, 6207 North Milwaukee, (773)774-0276,

Best of Chicago 2012

Best reminder of Chicago’s old Serbian community

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Serb Fest
Beginning at the turn of the twentieth century, Serbian immigrants began flooding Chicago’s Southeast Side. Known for their toughness, they immediately became a force in the South Side’s steel mills, standing in front of blast furnaces shoveling coal, and cooling off between shifts in local taverns. Their reputation as iron workers became legendary, as the local Germans, Greeks, Italians and Poles grudgingly admired their ability to walk a narrow I-beam twenty stories up in below-zero weather, often wearing nothing but a sweatshirt. Read the rest of this entry »