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Best new jazz venue

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The Revel Room

Wicker Park’s Revel Room has been a music venue for a while now; but beginning in November, it’s devoting Thursdays to a progressive jazz series called “Revelations.” Upcoming acts include MAST, ROOMS trio, David Boykin Expanse, Sam Trump and Will Miller Trio. Constellation’s success seems to be paving the way for more serious new jazz outlets on the north side; here’s hoping The Revel Room makes a go of it.

1566 N. Milwaukee, 773.278.1600,

Best of Chicago 2015

Best pinball game in Wicker Park

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Metallica at Emporium Arcade Bar

Emporium Arcade Bar is home to one of Stern’s newer releases: the Metallica pinball game, equipped with the voices of the band’s members cheering on players. Classic hits from the band also accompany the fast-paced gameplay with the ramps being a highlight. There is a silliness to the game, too, as players earn multi-ball by striking the kid in the electric chair who is egging you on to do just that. With several versions of multi-ball achieved with varying degrees of difficulty, there is always a challenge, making this one of the more appealing and solid games from this Chicago-area manufacturer.

1366 N. Milwaukee, 773.697.7922,

Best of Chicago 2014

Best shopping street or intersection

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Damen, Milwaukee & North

The “six corners” intersection in Wicker Park has long ceased being an oasis of retail independence in a desert of chain-store strips. These days, major brands like Levi’s and Lululemon share the strip with the local chain Akira and boutiques like Apartment Number 9 and RSVP Gallery. Though the balance may be tenuous, the intersection has managed to retain much of its charm, partly because the urban mix is just diverse enough, with plenty of salons, galleries, cafes and other services interspersed among the clothing purveyors. It also helps that, despite the nearly complete gentrification, markers of the nabe’s grittier past remain: a few vintage storefronts, a record shop and convenience stores are helping, as it were, to keep Wicker Park weird.

Audience Choice: Clark Street in Andersonville

Best twenty-four-hour performing-arts event

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The Abbie Hoffman Died for Our Sins Theatre Festival
Here’s another where there isn’t generally that much competition in the field, but this year’s twenty-fifth-anniversary edition of “The Abbie Hoffman Died for Our Sins Theatre Festival” at Wicker Park’s The Den Theater hit it out of the park. Organized by the Mary-Arrchie theatre company to commemorate the death of activist Abbie Hoffman, for a $10 in-and-out day pass, visitors were treated to a full twenty-four-hour schedule of performances worthy of the festival’s namesake, from bizarre puppet shows to outlandish improv. Plus the common areas are vast, cozy spaces with plenty of couch seating and live practices going throughout, inspiring a lively, social atmosphere. Consistently packed over the festival’s three-day run, it’s a Chicago original and an annual must-see.

Best of Chicago 2013

Best attempt to connect communities

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Created by Maggie Schutz and Sarah Press as a constructive way of getting fellow neighbors together, Learnapalooza is just past its fourth year and now counts two more neighborhoods besides the original Wicker Park locations—classes also take place in multiple venues throughout Lakeview and Logan Square. “Palooza” makes sense, since this is an extremely dynamic one-day-a-year learning marathon, offering courses as diverse as “Night Photography,” “Find Your True Self” and “How Excel Can Make Your Life Easier,” among many others. Classes are taught by volunteers and open to the public. Donations are welcome, as well as expertise.

Best of Chicago 2013

Best electronic-cigarette shopping

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Modern Vapor
So, it’s time to quit and make the leap to e-cigs? Maybe finally get a date and make a few friends? Well, it’s not going to help kick your addiction to nicotine, but close enough. And with the rising popularity of the “Vapor” craze, commercials flooding the airwaves from companies like Blu, it was only a matter of time before smokeless smoke shops like Wicker Park’s Modern Vapor  began popping up. Starter kits and refill cartridges are comparable to most other brands on the market, but here you get a real live person and place to go back to if there’s a problem with the gear.
1400 North Milwaukee, (877)312-3244,

Best of Chicago 2013

Best prix fixé menu-quality dish not served in a prix fixé

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Sepia noodles at Trenchermen
Tender skeins of cuttlefish (sepia) mimicking pasta noodles are tossed with tangy lime-pickled compressed watermelon and crispy garlic chips. This dish is elegant, haunting, complex, refreshing and satisfying. It’s also one of the more original dishes served anywhere.

Trenchermen, 2039 West North, (773)661-1540,

Best of Chicago 2012

Best non-traditional horchata

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Antique Taco
Pixy Stix aficionados will love the paper straw served in this Mexican cinnamon-spiced rice-infused milkshake. Horchata aficionados may just swear off the watery version altogether.

Antique Taco, 1360 North Milwaukee, (773)687-8697,

Best of Chicago 2012

Best bar to get a martini and manicure

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Beauty Bar
Beauty Bar Chicago, part saloon, part salon, established its Chicago home in 2010 as part of a nationally franchised chain. Its décor is out of a 1960s hairdressing manual. One wall is lined with old-fashioned seated hair dryers. Another wall has how-to diagrams for hairdos. There’s a large dance floor, great for the many scheduled events like readings, karaoke and musical performances (even once host to an indoor skateboard competition). And since their special is a $10 manicure and martini, women need not waste time doing their nails before heading out.

Beauty Bar, 1444 West Chicago, (312)226-8828,

Best of Chicago 2012

Best funky theater venue

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Ever since Collaboraction relocated there in 2010, the third floor of the Flat Iron Arts Building in Wicker Park has seen a ton of hipster traffic. It’s sort of like an adult corn maze. Okay, so an adult corn maze is just a regular corn maze with booze, but bear with us. Go up three flights of stairs, pray you’ve entered the correct elliptical hallway, wander down the winding path, and voila! Comfy couches, PBR, art-gallery flooring, and two sweet performance venues. One, Room 300, is ultra malleable—for Collaboraction’s annual Sketchbook festival, they put up colorful childlike blocks in asymmetrical towers for seating. And another, the Pentagon, is just that: a pentagonal black box. The cool gallery setting is perfection for the media-centric company’s fantastical integration of design. Oh, and those couches are pretty kickass during intermission.

Collaboraction, 1579 North Milwaukee, (312)226-9633,

Best of Chicago 2012