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Best place to see a live sporting event

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Gately Stadium (Pullman)
There’s nothing like being outside in mid-November, in weather that laughs at the North Face jackets, watching two CPS football powerhouses go at it. It is true, watching Mount Carmel games (wherever they play) are the best, but nothing comes close to the experience of sitting on 103rd Street amongst hundreds of South Siders acting like the Bears are on the field instead of Hubbard or Morgan Park. It’s Chicago football’s true shrine.
744 East 103rd

AUDIENCE CHOICE: Wrigley Field, 1060 West Addison

Best of Chicago 2013

Best microbrewery in a historic district

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Argus Brewery
With quaint homes and historic buildings like the Hotel Florence, the Greenstone Church and the Pullman Palace railroad car factory, the Pullman community is a great day trip destination that just got even better. Father-and-son team Robert and Patrick Jensen recently opened their craft brewery in this former company town, site of the deadly 1894 Pullman Strike. Argus brews their California Steam, Holsteiner Lager and Pegasus IPA on the second floor of the old Schlitz distribution stables, marked by terra cotta horse heads, and their beers are on tap at taverns across the region. The brewery isn’t open to the public yet, but you can call in advance to arrange a private tour.

Argus Brewery, 11314 South Front, (773)941-4050,

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Best of the Best: Pullman

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Think your bosses are domineering tyrants who expect you to spend every waking moment contributing to their outrageous profit? They might be, but you just can’t beat a nineteenth-century industrialist when it comes to profiteering, inhumanity and malfeasance. When you’re feeling belittled and overwhelmed at your job, take the Metra Electric Line south to Pullman/111th and behold the magical, twisted experiment in social and industrial engineering attempted by George M. Pullman, founder of the Pullman Palace Car Company. Pullman created the first planned industrial town in 1880 on land surrounding the Illinois Central Railroad, providing housing, diversion and a public works infrastructure for his employees. A stark clock tower dominates the town where workers fabricated his signature rail cars. Life in Pullman hummed along efficiently and without disruption until the depression of 1893. Faced with declining profits, Pullman slashed worker’s wages, but didn’t adequately adjust the cost of living in Pullman, Illinois. The famed Pullman Strike ensued, and the town was eventually rendered a strange, near-tragic mistake. Eventually annexed by Chicago, it remains a surprisingly well-preserved South Side relic, one of the city’s few vintage neighborhoods not badly corrupted by fire or progress.

Historic Pullman Visitor Center
11141 South Cottage Grove Avenue (773)785-8901

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