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Best mascot

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Benny the Bull

Not only does Benny possess a superhuman—or rather, superbull—skill set (backwards half-court shots, extreme acrobatics, suspending himself from the rafters of the United Center) but he also has a devilish humor. The red rascal sneaks up behind opposing team members and pulls down their warm-up pants. He slow dances with referees. He smothers fans in buttery popcorn. At a game last season, Benny rescued a young woman whose boyfriend neglected her on the kiss cam; Benny dumped a soda on her boyfriend’s head, picked her up, and carried her off. And they say chivalry is dead.

United Center, 1901 W. Madison,

Best of Chicago 2015

Best section in the United Center to watch a Bulls game

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300 level
Bulls fans might think the 100 level offers the best seats but, though it’s close enough to high-five the players, being ground level, you won’t notice any traveling calls. The 200 level is sweet if you want a view confined to a small box. But if you’re a real Bulls fan, the 300 level is your home. You have a bird’s eye view of the Madhouse and the level is full of other diehard fans. You hear great commentary, stats and the best heckling, plus you can really give it to those standing-room-only seats.
1901 West Madison

Best of Chicago 2013

Best new Bull

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Tom Thibodeau

It would be easy to say that the Derrick Rose we saw last year was a whole “new” Derrick Rose, therefore, his name should be here. But for anyone that knows the ins and outs of how this team worked, jelled and succeeded (despite the play of Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah at times) last season, Coach Thibs is easily the best new Bull since, well, Rose was drafted.

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Jimmy Butler

Best of Chicago 2011

Best new Bull

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Kyle Korver
In the off-season, the Bulls acquired quite a few new players meant to turn the team around, but Carlos Boozer, the star among them, sustained an unusual off-the-court injury that kept him out of the early part of the season. Insert Kyle Korver, his role coming off the bench to add a threat from outside the arc like Western Conference players Steve Blake, Channing Frye or Matt Bonner. Korver can become the go-to player when the defense collapses on Derrick Rose. He showcased this, scoring 24 points against Phoenix on November 24. As the season unfolds, Korver will be a key in a playoff run.

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Carlos Boozer

Best of Chicago 2010

Best new Bull

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Derrick Rose

To win in the NBA in this day and age, you need a killer point guard. General Manager John Paxson beat the odds at this year’s NBA draft and the Bulls were awarded the number-one pick, which they used on Rose, the Memphis guard who grew up right here in Chicago worshipping MJ. In this young season, he’s played well, especially for a rookie—in fact, sometimes it looks like he’s the only Bull playing out there. Now with Kirk Hinrich out for an extended period of time, this becomes unquestionably Rose’s team to lead. It might take a couple seasons to grow, but the seed’s been planted.

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Derrick Rose

Best of Chicago 2008

Best new Bull

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Tyrus Thomas

The Bulls forward not only offered quick, fresh legs off the bench during his rookie season, he was also a high-powered adrenaline injection, pulsing to the basket at every opportunity, slamming it home with confidence and poise. Get the ball to Tyrus was a constant thought on Bulls fans minds, especially nearing the end of last season’s campaign. Averaging a mere 5.2 points per game, Thomas was a difference-maker, and this season he should offer more of the same.

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Joakim Noah, Ben Wallace (tie)

Best of Chicago 2007